Real-Time Linux, 3D printed bicycle, Google's Accelerated Mobile Pages, and more

In this week's edition of our open source news roundup, we take a look at an open source 3D printed bicycle, the Real-Time Linux collaborative project, Google's Accelerated Mobile Pages project, and More

Linux Device Driver Development Training course

LinuxCertified Inc, a leading provider of Linux training and services, today announced its next Linux Device Driver Development Course class to be held in South Bay, CA from August 3rd - 5th, 2015.
Details on this course are available at:

Hands On Embedded Linux Development Training course.

LinuxCertified Inc, a leading provider of Linux training and services, announced its next Hands On Embedded Linux Development class to be held in San Francisco Bay Area from April 29th - May 1st, 2015.

Details on this course are available at:

Dot-Com Domain Turns 30 and Is Still Growing

After 30 years, the dot-com (.com) top-level domain (TLD) continues to dominate the Internet, but now faces more challengers than ever. On March 15, 1985, the very first dot-com domain was registered by Symbolics, a now defunct technology vendor. The domain itself is still alive and is now owned by virtual real estate firm Although the first company to register a dot-com domain did not survive the last 30 years, the dot-com domain has prospered significantly beyond that first domain registered in 1985. Read More

Red Hat 7.1 is here, CentOS 7.1 coming soon

These two popular enterprise Linux server operating systems are getting an Active Directory and container friendly refresh. Read More

Fedora 22 Alpha Cloud Edition Is a Superb Choice for Running Linux in the Cloud

Fedora 22 Alpha was officially unveiled on March 10 and until now we gave you detailed information about each of its Spins, including screenshot tours for the Workstation (GNOME), KDE, Xfce, LXDE, and MATE/Compiz editions. It is now time to talk a little about the Cloud Edition of the upcoming Fedora 22 Alpha. Read More

How to install Seafile on Ubuntu 14.04 (Trusty Tahr)

Seafile is a OpenSource cloud storage software. It offers file sharing and syncing for individual users and groups, it provides client side encryption and easy access from mobile devices. This tutorial describes the steps to install Seafile on Ubuntu 14.04. Read More

Don't forget one of Linux's best features: How to use multiple workspaces

Windows users have long been jealous of workspaces—also called virtual desktops or multiple desktops—on Linux. But many Linux desktops have hidden this feature by default in recent years. Soon, Windows users will have multiple desktop workspaces enabled by default—and many Linux users won’t.

That’s crazy! Virtual desktops have long been one of the standout features of the Linux desktop, and it shouldn’t be lost. Here’s how you can get started with workspaces on Ubuntu’s Unity or another desktop environment today. Read More

Linus Torvalds Announces Linux Kernel 4.0 Release Candidate 3

Linus Torvalds announced a few hours ago the immediate availability for download and testing of the Linux kernel 4.0 RC3 (Release Candidate) which, according to Linus, is smaller than the previous RC version. However, it includes a fair amount of improvements, bug fixes and patches. Read More

An Everyday Linux User Review Of Fedora 21

Fedora has a good selection of applications and most things the average user will need to get them up and running.

To start off with there is the full LibreOffice suite (Version complete with a word processor, spreadsheet package, presentation package, drawing package and database package.

The Shotwell Photo Manager is also installed which makes it easier to organise and view your photos. Read More