PalmSource keeps Access NetFront for future browser

PalmSource and Access have agreed to use Access NetFront as the core for PalmSource's Web Browser 3.0, to ship with Palm OS Cobalt version 6 devices. The NetFront engine was already the basis of PalmSource's Palm OS 5 "Garnet" web browser.

Psst..hey buddy....wanna buy an OQO?

After almost two years of the "vaporware or real device" debate, the OQO is available for ordering according to Handtops.

Small discs for camcorders get the blue light

A group promoting blue-laser optical discs is developing a smaller version of the technology for devices such as camcorders in an effort to make the format more widely accepted.

SoftMaker Office for Linux: Reliable, powerful, MicrosoftOffice-compatible

Enter SoftMaker Office 2004 for Linux, a new office suite from Germany that is available for both Linux and Windows and provides the highest degree of Microsoft Office compatibility available yet.

Dell launches Axim X50 line with VGA screen

Dell has officially launched their new X50 line, consisting of the X50 Standard, X50 Advanced, and X50v with VGA screen and graphics processor.

MontaVista Launches Open Source Project to Enhance Native Real-Time Linux

MontaVista Software today announced it has launched an initiative to gain orders of magnitude improvement in the real-time responsiveness of Linux, by extending Linux to achieve hard real-time performance. MontaVista is hosting the "Open Source Real-Time Linux Project" and has contributed a reference implementation based on the company's recent work in the area of real-time Linux determinism. Read more for the rest of the press release.

LinuxCertified LC2430 Linux Laptop Review

LinuxLookup is reviewing the LinuxCertified LC2430 Linux laptop, and gives it a big score.

New Clamshell Zaurus Expected Later this Month

Sharp is apparently planning to unveil a new Linux handheld at a tradeshow in late October. Unfortunately, details on this model are extremely sketchy, aside from the fact it will apparently be the first clamshell Zaurus with a D-pad. The model number isn't even known.

Brighthand's First Impressions of the palmOne Tungsten T5

Although Ed Hardy has only had a Tungsten T5 for a short time, he is willing to share his first impressions of palmOne's latest high-end handheld.

IEEE to standardize mobile phone batteries

The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) has announced that it is beginning work on a new standard for batteries used in mobile phones. Dubbed IEEE P1725 and entitled "Standard for Rechargeable Batteries for Cellular Telephones", the standard is aimed at setting uniform criteria for the design, production, and evaluation of mobile batteries.