HP iPAQ hx4700 Review

Sliding in at the very top of the Pocket PC high-end range, HP's new iPAQ hx4700 boasts a glorious 4" screen and WM2K3 Second Edition: Jørgen Sundgot gets up close and personal.

RIM Demoing First BlackBerry with Built-in Wi-Fi

Research In Motion (RIM) is showing off an upcoming BlackBerry wireless handheld that will be its first to offer Wi-Fi and VoWLAN support. In some ways, the BlackBerry 7270 will be quite similar to previous RIM products, but in others it will be very different.

Introduction to Mobile Application Architectures

As mobile devices become more common, it becomes imperative to understand how this environment poses unique application architecture challenges. This chapter will help you understand the issues involved in developing applications for mobile devices.

Big News: Sharp pulls Zaurus back to Japan

Facing stuff competition and low sales, a Sharp representative has informed infoSync World that the company has decided to fully withdraw its Zaurus SL line of Linux-based handhelds from the US market and focus on its home market in Japan.

Driving Mr. Tux -- Linux takes on automotive apps

Metrowerks has set out to drive Linux further into the automotive telematics market by launching what it calls "Automotive Grade Linux," a version of the open source operating system enhanced with non-traditional features to address the specific requirements of automotive telematics.

INTERVIEW: Chander Kant of LinuxCertified

Today, Tux:Tops features an interesting interview with LinuxCertified.com founder, Chander Kant. We discuss all things concerned Linux's laptop support with the latest kernels.

Suse 9.2 Is For Newbies, Laptops

Novell announced that the Suse Linux Professional 9.2, available in November, targeting home users, new comers to Linux and enthusiasts. Its advanced power management through ACPI (Advanced Configuration and Power Interface) and suspend-to-disk features also make it easy for laptop users who require the increased mobility this affords.

Three days of RTOS and embedded: ARM developers' conference

ARM Developers' Conference is going to start next week. Three days to get experienced on embedded devices.

Sharp to ship world's first HDD-based PDA

Sharp will next month ship its latest Zaurus PDA into the Japanese market, the consumer electronics company announced this week. The device will be the first PDA to sport a hard drive. The Linux-based SL-C3000 adopts the clamshell casing of Sharp's other Japanese PDAs, with a flip-around display reminiscent of Sony's high-end Cliés. The unit weighs 298g.

Editorial: Different strokes for different handhelds

Mobile Computing Editor Larry Garfield looks at the different design strategies of the leading handheld companies, and muses on what it says about the way they think.