A comparison of Linux alternatives for hard real-time

This study compares the real-time capabilities of various Linux kernels. It was part of a project to upgrade the control software in water-wave generators at research institutions around the world. The results of the study were used by Akamina for the selection of a new RTOS for the control system upgrade of Canada's largest hydraulics and coastal engineering laboratory, the National Research Council Canadian Hydraulics Centre in Ottawa.

Bluetooth stack supports embedded Linux

Cambridge Consultants has released a portable, hardware-independent Bluetooth software package aimed at embedded devices. The profiles and protocol stack -- Interface Express and BlueStack -- have been ported to multiple processor architectures including ARM and MIPS, and run on a range of embedded operating systems including Linux.

Three More Linux mobile Phones Coming in Japan

NEC and Panasonic have developed three Linux-powered 3G mobile phones to be introduced in Japan in the coming months -- NEC's N900iL, NEC's N901iC, and Panasonic's P901i. Of the three, only NEC's N900iL is currently shipping. The N900iL is a dual-network 3G/VoIP handset that works as a 3G mobile phone (using DoCoMo's W-CDMA/FOMA technologies), VoIP terminal, or both simultaneously. All three phones are based on the Linux 3G mobile phone software platform announced by NEC and Panasonic earlier this w

Editorial: palmOne's problem

Larry Garfield tries to sort out the facts of the current market, and comes to the conclusion that palmOne needs to refocus on key long-term buyers.

DoCoMo opts for Linux phones

Japanese electronics giants NEC and Panasonic have jointly developed a Linux-based software platform which offers third-generation mobile phone users more services on their handsets.

Streaming down under with Zensonic's Z400

Down under, the Z400 from Zensonic brings photo, audio and video streaming over Wi-Fi 802.11g and Ethernet with support for a slew of different formats.

NEC, Toshiba, and ELT to Resell MontaVista Linux in Japan

NEC System Technologies, Ltd., Toshiba Information Systems Corporation, and ELT, Inc. to Resell MontaVista Linux in Japan. Will provide value-added solutions based on popular Linux platform.

Clio line of palmtops revived

Making an unlikely comeback, Data Evolution is reviving the five-year old Clio line of palmtops with the introduction of the Clio NXT, offering a high-end feature set.

Chinese Linux smartphone company wins tech award

A Chinese Linux smartphone company has won a prestigious industry award in Hong Kong. E28 received a Technological Achievement Award in the 2004 Hong Kong Awards for Industry, for a Linux-based smartphone reference design expected in January.

Symbian OS sales soar; MIcrosoft Moves to Dominate PDA Space

Sales of Symbian OS-based smartphones and communicators have risen 201% from quarter 3 of 2003 to quarter 3 of 2004, according to Symbian's latest quarterly report.