Want a Job? Learn Linux

From 'Linux HR' files:

A new study set to be released by career website Dice.com and the Linux Foundation paints a very rosy picture of the Linux job market.

Now the fact that the Linux Foundation is involved in this study means that it could potentially be seen as self-serving (but hey what PR isn't), but the trends are unmistakable. The survey found that the vast majority (81%) of companies were going to making hiring Linux people a priority for 2012. Read More

Linux kernel 3.2.2 Is Available for Download

Greg Kroah-Hartman announced last night, January 25th, that the second maintenance release of the stable Linux kernel 3.2 is available for download and all users should upgrade to it as soon as possible.

Linux kernel 3.2.2 brings lots of fixes, some new driver updates, especially for ALSA, and a couple of NFS, UBIFS, and CIFS improvements. Read More

How Open Source Licenses Affect Your Business and Your Developers

Copyleft licenses have been the most popular choice for new open source projects. Recently, however, developers and companies seem to be moving from the GPL in favor of less restrictive permissive licenses for open source projects. What's behind the trend and how does it impact your business? Read More

Thunderbird 9.0 Officially Lands in Ubuntu 11.10

After the official upgrade to Firefox 9 in Ubuntu 11.10 at the beginning of the month, Canonical announced on January 24th that the Mozilla Thunderbird 9.0 email client is now available on the official software repositories of the Oneiric Ocelot operating system. Read More

KDE 4.8 released with new features and improvements

KDE team announced the release of KDE 4.8 stable version. KDE 4.8 provides updates to KDE Plasma Workspaces, KDE Applications, and the KDE Platform. Amongst the new features and improved performance you will find:

KWin optimizations
6 Alt+Tab (‘Window Switcher’) layouts to choose from
Redesigned power management settings
Faster file loading in Dolphin
Gwenview improved image viewing abilities
A more stable KMail
Icon Tasks plasmoid, task manager
Introduction of ‘KSecretService’ – a new framework for sharing passwords and data between applications securely
KDE Telepathy communication software Read More

LinuxCertified Announces its next "Linux Fundamentals" Course w/Free Linux laptop!

This two-day introduction to Linux broadens attendees horizons with a detailed overview of the operating system. Attendees learn how to effectively use a Linux system as a valuable tool. They get familiar with the architecture and various components of the operating system, learn both graphical and command line tools, and learn to do basic networking. This class is scheduled for January 19th - 20th, 2012.

Do You Want Your OwnCloud?

The open source OwnCloud project enables users to set up their own cloud storage service, analogous in many ways to what the proprietary DropBox service provides today.

OwnCloud is becoming more than just an open source project; it's now a commercial entity too. Helming the new company as the CEO and CTO of OwnCloud is former Novell SUSE Linux CTO Markus Rex. Rex told InternetNews.com that the plan is to have commercial products and services in the first quarter of 2012. Read More

4 security features in Fedora 16

The security features in Fedora make it one of my favorite Linux distributions. And that is partly why it is in my list of the top 6 KDE distributions of 2011, even though it takes some tweaking to get it to the it just works state. I will take the security advantages of an operating system over any user-friendliness weaknesses, provided those user-friendliness weaknesses are not show stoppers.

Two of the four security features in Fedora 16 are enabled out of the box. The others are optional features that can be configured during installation. So, let us look at those two optional security features first. Read More

6 Best Free Android FTP Tools

File Transfer Protocol (FTP) is a popular and time-honored method of transferring files to and from remote network sites and devices. FTP is built on a client-server architecture and uses separate control and data connections between the client and server applications. The FTP client connects to the FTP server, and enables the user to send and retrieve files from that server.

FTP is one of many different file transfer protocols that are used in computing. Other examples include the Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP), BitTorrent, the SSH File Transfer Protocol (SFTP), and Secure Copy (SCP). Read More

10 Indie Games for Linux part 1

In a former article regarding Linux games a reader commented that for Linux there are always the same title and nothing new really comes out.
So i’ve decided to explore a bit the indie game market and make 2 post about them, in this one i’ll show you 5 freely downloadable Indie games, in the next one i’ll post 5 game that must be purchased (but the costs are relatively low).

So today we’ll take a look at: dwarf fortress, epic inventor, abuse, smokin’guns and xonotic.
Online now part 2 with a review of: Towns, Eschalon, Survivors of Ragnarök, Atom Zombie Smasher and Steel Storm: Burning Retribution. Read More