LinuxCertified Inc, launches High Performance ultrthin Ultrabook with FHD display

LinuxCertified Inc leading seller of Linux laptops introduced the Z1 14.1" High Resolution, ultrathin - Exclusive High Performance Linux Ultrabook pre-installed with Ubuntu or Fedora Linux. The Z1 supports Intel 7th Gen CPU and Intel HD 620 graphics. Only 22mm thin, this is one of the ultralight, ultrathin, yet powerful Linux Ultrabook designed for legendary performance on the go, whether to another meeting or another country, you sacrifice nothing in return.

"We are pleased to add the Z1 Linux laptop to our highly successful Ultrabook product line," said Rajesh Goyal, vice president of LinuxCertified, Inc. "The Z1 is the ultimate Ultrabook people have been waiting for. The laptop offers Intel 7th Gen CPUs, eye pleasing, razor sharp FHD (1920 X 1080) IPS display and supports Gen3 X4 PCIe SSD."

Z1 is ready to provide accelerated system performance. With the 7th Generation Intel® Core™ Processor and up to 32GB DDR4 memory, the Z1 provides exceptional performance for advanced multi-threaded applications.

Hands on 3 day Linux Kernel Internals Training course

LinuxCertified, Inc. announced its next three day, hands-on course that provides attendees with experience in creating Linux kernel source code within various subsystems of the Linux kernel. This course teaches attendees to acquaints developers with the fundamental subsystems, data structures, and API of the Linux kernel This class is scheduled for September 14th - 16th, 2016. To enroll and for more details, visit:

About LinuxCertified, Inc.

The mission of LinuxCertified, Inc is to help our clients benefit from significant savings of effectively using Linux and Open-Source software in their IT infrastructure. Our core offerings are:

- Linux trained and certified professionals
- Implementation and development services using Open-Source software
- LinuxCertified products including Linux computers providing industry's best ROI

Hands On Embedded Linux Development Training course

LinuxCertified Inc, a leading provider of Linux training and services, announced its next Hands On Embedded Linux Development class to be held in San Francisco Bay Area from July 20th - 22nd, 2016.

Details on this course are available at:

Fedora 24 Screencast and Screenshots

Fedora 24 has been released. The Fedora Project has embarked on a great journey… redefining what an operating system should be for users and developers. Such innovation does not come overnight, and Fedora 24 is one big step on the road to the next generation of Linux distributions. But that does not mean that Fedora 24 is some “interim” release; there are great new features for Fedora users to deploy in their production environments right now! Read More

Fedora 24 released!

Today the Fedora Project is pleased to announce the general release of Fedora 24. Another Step in the Fedora Journey The Fedora Project has embarked on a great journey… redefining what an operating system should be for users and developers Read More

Ubuntu MATE 16.04: there is always room for improvement

Who is the main audience of Ubuntu 16.04 MATE? From my point of view, these are people who started their Linux life a long time ago when GNOME 2 was one of few desktop environments available for Linux distributions. Since then, we have gotten a lot more players and forks on the "market". Read More

10 Basic Linux Commands That Every Linux Newbies Should Remember

When We talk about Linux commands, what we are really talking about is the Linux system itself. These small number of 10 Basic Linux commands will not make you a genius or a Linux expert instead, it'll help you get started with Linux. It'll help Linux newbies to perform daily basic tasks in Linux using these Linux basic commands or I should say Linux top commands(because of their usage).

So let's get started with the list of 10 Linux Basic commands

It's Finally Coming, Fedora 24 Linux Has Been Approved for Landing on June 21

Yes, it's finally coming, the highly anticipated Fedora 24 Linux operating system has been approved for landing next week, June 21, 2016, when users can start upgrading their current Fedora 23 installations. Read More

Funny Linux Commands - Check Weather And Surf StackOverflow In Linux Terminal

Let’s have fun with Linux Terminal today. Also, if you are a developer, let’s reduce one context switch that you perform while development; switching to browser for solution in StackOverflow. It's well-known fact, less context switch, less distraction and more productivity. In this article, we’ll explore two fun and useful things that you can do right through terminal without opening browser that you would do normally. Read More

6 reading recommendations from a total book nerd

Confession: I am a total book nerd! There are always a ton of book recommendations given while attending a conference, and this year at OSCON was no different. Instead of spreading my book recommendations out and including them in my OSCON event reports, I collected them all in here in one list. Enjoy and let me know if you have read and liked (or didn't) any of these! Or, feel free to leave a comment suggesting a great book for us to read