Motorola Buys 50% Interest In UIQ

Yesterday Motorola and Sony Ericsson announced that Motorola will acquire a 50% interest in the parent company of UIQ Technology AB and will jointly develop the UIQ open user interface. UIQ is based on the Symbian platform and both companies have agreed that UIQ will be vendor and chip set independent, a move hoped to bring other vendors into UIQ.

REVIEW: Universal Dolly Tripod W3 by Tiffen

Tiffen sent us in their "Davis & Sanford" W3 universal dolly tripod for a review. We put the product to the test as to how it performs, and we weigh in if it can be considered a steady-cam alternative or not.

MTube: 2.8" VGA pocketable Linux prototype

UltraMobileLife shares a pic of a new VIA-based handheld called the MTube. At this point, it's simply a prototype out of Taiwan's Science and Technology Advisory Group, but it shows where ultraportables could be headed in the future.

Software features of Nokia S40 5th Edition

The handsets based off the S40 5th edition (just like the S40 3rd edition powered phones) come armed with the capacity to alter the appearance of standby screens. Specifically, you can choose between Active Standby, standard looks with fast access assigned to the navigation key and GoTo feature (left soft-key). More here.

REVIEW: Kodak EasyShare Z1275 12MP Camera sent us in the Kodak EasyShare Z1275 12MP HD 5x optical zoom digital camera for a review. This is the first Kodak camera which employs 720p video recording. We tested the camera and here is what we think about it.

Apple vs Palm & 3rd Party Apps

The New York Times has just posted an intriguing article regarding the closed ecosystem of AT&T and Apple’s iPhone. Written by Saul Hansell, the piece attempts to shed some light on the myriad of issues surrounding the notoriously closed environment fostered by both Apple’s and their sole domestic provider of choice, AT&T Wireless (formerly Cingular).

Opera Mobile 8.65 for Windows Mobile now available

Opera is extending Windows Mobile version of its browser and it looks like Windows Mobile is one of more important platforms for Opera. Interestingly Opera delivers Internet browser to several platforms, including some game consoles so the version for Windows Mobile benefits from synergy effects clearly...

LC2000 Series Ubuntu Linux Laptops

LinuxCertified today announced its next generation laptops optimized for engineering and scientific community. Powered with Ubuntu 7.04, these laptops focus on high performance and scalability. The laptops come pre-configured with many of the common tools used by technical users. The two new laptop models are: LC2464DC, a 64 bit (based on dual-core Turion 64X2) laptop, and LC2520DC, sporting a 17" screen with accelerated 3D Graphics based on nVidia GeForce Go 7700.

MontaVista readies new Linux mobile phone OS

MontaVista will ship a "fifth-generation" Linux-based operating system for mobile phones in mid-November. The company says Mobilinux 5.0 will offer new security, power, networking, and quick-boot capabilities, along with footprint reductions, real-time improvements, and lower build costs for vendors of handsets and other mobile consumer devices.

Leader of The Empire: The HTC TyTN II Reviewed

HTC code-named their latest device the Kaiser, a name meaning Emperor in German. But can it command the empire all from a nice little holster on your belt? Its stats say it can - let's dive in and find out! Read on for the full review!